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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

These Will Make You Laugh

After posting about my "Augh" sign I found in the trash, I checked out Etsy to see if they had anything better. I found so many "Live Love Laugh" things that it literally made me sad. Why do we need so many signs to remind us to live, love and laugh. Shouldn't that just come naturally? But I did find some things that were either interesting or funny. See what you think:

I really liked this bracelet from Sparkee 8z12. I like anything made with old typewriter keys. And I especially like this bracelet because everything is spelled a little like my sign. Just a little off - Laf, Luv, etc.

Wouldn't this look nice on your wall?  It's a collection of handpainted signs with wooden letters from All Spelled Out

Here's some more artwork for the wall.  You have to look very closely to the individual photos that make up these words. Really, really clever.  These are from The Hidden Alphabet.  These would make a great wedding gift, wouldn't they?

   Isn't this the truth? Love this garden sign from Bedlam Country Crafts

Oh, Marilyn! Do you think she really said this? Well, even if she didn't it's a pretty good quote. Another great idea for a wedding present.  It's from Empire City Studios.

I can think of about 10 people I could send this card to.  It's from Squidy Ink. It really made me laugh. Oops. Excuse me a second.

I'm back. Hope you liked the laugh choices. I sure did.