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Friday, September 5, 2014

Music, But No Monkeys

The photo prompt this week of the organ grinder is the perfect theme for me to show off photos from my recent trip to France. But first you have to listen to this music as a way of introduction:

It's music from the film Amelie (one of my favorite films) and has a wonderful French flavor, perfect as an accompaniment to my little tour. (This video goes on and on, so just listen to as much as you want. Wish I could figure out how to edit YouTube videos. Do any of you know?).

I visited my daughter, Megan and her boyfriend, Jean Patrick last month and had a wonderful 10 day stay in the North West of France. Everywhere we went there was music of some kind.

This is a street musician in Dinan (in the Brittany area). I'm not sure what instrument he is playing but it looks a little like a dulcimer. It's probably a medieval instrument because this town is definitely medieval.

And in the same town, we have a one-girl band. She played everything. There's not an appendage that isn't in use. What a talent.

More from Dinan (that town was just full of street musicians). This was a man playing what looks like an organ grinder type thing but he didn't have a monkey on his shoulder. Instead he had a woman who sang along with him and the curious instrument.

Even at the local farmer's market, there was music. This guy was really good. I wish I had had a video camera to catch his tunes. You'll just have to trust me. He was good.

My daughter's boyfriend (now fiance!!) Jean Patrick is a musician in France. He plays the piano, keyboards and is a talented composer. He played a little concert for me during the visit.  He was preparing for a music festival he was scheduled to appear in Algeria.

And last not but not least, here's my daughter who was goofing around. We were visiting a chateau in Cande (actually the place where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor were married). They were having an exhibition of unusual musical instruments and Megan was trying her best to get some music out of this little child's piano turned into a experimental instrument.

Hope you've enjoyed the musical tour of France. To check out other organ grinders, monkeys and musical stories, click here:  Sepia Saturday