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Friday, June 17, 2011

Redbook - Why Pick Me????

I was recently surprised to find a copy of this magazine in my mailbox. I didn't subscribe to it. I've never been a subscriber. I remember Redbook as kind of cousin to Better Homes & Gardens and Ladies Home Journal. Sort of middle of the road, not too controversial.
But now I don't think Redbook knows quite who they are. Their focus is a little scattered—part Cosmo, part Parenting, but definitely not AARP!

So, how did I manage to get on their mailing list? I'm 69 years old for God's sake.

Here's some reasons why Redbook shouldn't be sending me a free magazine:
 I no longer worry about cellulite. It's kinda late for a bump free booty.

Nothing all that crazy happens to me in bed

This might be a national scandal, but no man could actually force me to get pregnant. Let him try!!

The Kardashians don't thrill me - they make me sick

I would look really silly in these under $50.00 fashions

The only bra maneuver I need is one that comes with a crane

The last time my kid asked for a sippy was in 1977.

I can't image why I would need vaginal rejuvenation, maybe just general rejuvenation.

I don't mind getting Redbook as long as it's free. But I'm going to be really angry if they start billing me. Anyone know how I can stop this magazine?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Matches from Etsy

I haven't done an Etsy Thursday post for a long time. But since I wrote on my previous post about the 27-year old arsonist who burned down his own house (that's it above) because he got in a fight with his wife, I thought it might be fun to showcase some interesting matches from Etsy. I wonder if he might have used some unique matches to start the fire or did he merely use a lighter? We'll probably never know.

Or did he use some matches like these from maanzaad?  This is kind of how I picture the arsonist. But since he was seen leaving the scene of the crime shirtless, this guy is way too overdressed. He could never make a quick getaway with all of these clothes. Did he start the fire with a cigar? Maybe.

I was thinking when I saw these cute boyscout matches (also from maanzaad)  that maybe if he had been a boyscout in his youth, he might have learned not to do things like burning down a house. Or maybe that's where he learned HOW to build a fire, you know, the kind where you rub two sticks together.

These matches from Lucys Art Emporium.  -  the one for The Roof, made me think that if our young firestarter had maybe taken his wife out to dine and dance a few times, they might not have gotten in such a bad argument. They would have put a little more romance into their otherwise humdrum lives.

He might have thought twice if he had this box of matches with proverbs (from vintage73) giving him some teachable moments. Like the one on the cover that says "one rotten apple, spoils the whole barrel". Did he grow up wanting to be the rotten apple? He sure is one now. 

This set from silkn parachute would have come in real handy. He's got his cigarette lighter, some matches and then a speedy getaway car. He might not have been caught quite so quickly if he had left in this car, instead of hanging around the scene shirtless.

But it seems he didn't plan ahead. Where was his car anyway? He must have thought he could run as fast as this guy on the matchbox from Victoria's Sponge.

Who ever thought you could make up a whole story just from matchboxes?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Man Scorned!!

This is what's been happening in the neighborhood lately. A young Fallbrook man got in a fight with his wife and then burned down their house (which is about a mile from here). 
It's so hard to believe that anyone could get quite that angry. His wife said that after the fight she left the house, then got a phone call from him that he had set the house on fire. 

It took 14 firemen 30 minutes to put out the fire of the $300,000 house which was completely destroyed. 

Firefighters on the scene told the police that they had seen a suspicious, shirtless man in the area. Hey, maybe it was Anthony Weiner!! I'll bet his wife would like to burn down their house.

Anyway, this 27 year old arsonist is now in jail. Wonder if it was worth it to him.

Here's a shot of what once was a very nice deck. It's sad to see the patio furniture that will not longer seat this "loving" couple.

Never a dull moment in the grove!