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Friday, June 17, 2011

Redbook - Why Pick Me????

I was recently surprised to find a copy of this magazine in my mailbox. I didn't subscribe to it. I've never been a subscriber. I remember Redbook as kind of cousin to Better Homes & Gardens and Ladies Home Journal. Sort of middle of the road, not too controversial.
But now I don't think Redbook knows quite who they are. Their focus is a little scattered—part Cosmo, part Parenting, but definitely not AARP!

So, how did I manage to get on their mailing list? I'm 69 years old for God's sake.

Here's some reasons why Redbook shouldn't be sending me a free magazine:
 I no longer worry about cellulite. It's kinda late for a bump free booty.

Nothing all that crazy happens to me in bed

This might be a national scandal, but no man could actually force me to get pregnant. Let him try!!

The Kardashians don't thrill me - they make me sick

I would look really silly in these under $50.00 fashions

The only bra maneuver I need is one that comes with a crane

The last time my kid asked for a sippy was in 1977.

I can't image why I would need vaginal rejuvenation, maybe just general rejuvenation.

I don't mind getting Redbook as long as it's free. But I'm going to be really angry if they start billing me. Anyone know how I can stop this magazine?


  1. Absolutely hilarious post! I read your comments out loud to my husband. So funny.

    We get free mags all the time. We never pay for them. They may try to bill your credit card or send you a paper bill but you're under no obligation. Heck, I rec'd "bon appetit" for 2 yrs free. They applied it to my husband's AXP card but we refused to pay as we hadn't ordered it.

    The mags do this to boost circulation & circ is what motivates advertisers which is how they really make their money.

  2. customer services: report the error and make them liable for anything you receive, not you!!

    not crazy about the Kardies either. kinda hollywood trash to me... with a bank account!!

    and if you ever attempt "bodacious bra maneuvers", make a video. it's bound to be a hit on youtube!!

  3. Hi California Girl,
    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed this post.
    I think I'll just continue to get Redbook and hope they don't ever bill me. I do like the recipes!

  4. Hi Ticklebear,
    Somehow I don't think I'll make that video and post on youtube, hit or no hit!

  5. I will definitely skip Redbook. I am sure yours was just a sample copy. That happens sometimes.
    Interesting pictures of matches. Somewhere I have a album of matchbook covers. My Dad collected them and carefully mounted them in a photo album. I like the photo of the lady with the box camera and I would have liked to know the lady that made the silly photo collages.

  6. Here,here!!...most absurd and thanks to you funny!!!

  7. OK Nancy...what have you been smoking, inhaling, eating, growing for personal use, putting in your guacamole??

  8. I laughed very hard at this post. Thank you it made my day a little more interesting. They may try to bill you so just be on the look out. :)

  9. Did you delete my post? Or did it evaporate? I laughed myself silly over this. I'm looking for Greybook - for those of us over the hill of cellulite and vaginal rejuvenation. Looking for "soft diet" recipes and 100 fun prune cocktails to serve your friends.