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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Man Scorned!!

This is what's been happening in the neighborhood lately. A young Fallbrook man got in a fight with his wife and then burned down their house (which is about a mile from here). 
It's so hard to believe that anyone could get quite that angry. His wife said that after the fight she left the house, then got a phone call from him that he had set the house on fire. 

It took 14 firemen 30 minutes to put out the fire of the $300,000 house which was completely destroyed. 

Firefighters on the scene told the police that they had seen a suspicious, shirtless man in the area. Hey, maybe it was Anthony Weiner!! I'll bet his wife would like to burn down their house.

Anyway, this 27 year old arsonist is now in jail. Wonder if it was worth it to him.

Here's a shot of what once was a very nice deck. It's sad to see the patio furniture that will not longer seat this "loving" couple.

Never a dull moment in the grove!


  1. Good grief! What is wrong with people? That's rhetorical so don't bother answering.

    Still, I think of Fallbrook as this lovely, sleepy, out of the way, under the radar place to live.

    What's happening with avocado farming, pricing, Mexico competition, the water issue etc. If you feel like it, bring me up to date.

  2. Holy Cow. Which reminds me of India where they burn down the house and the wife in one fell swoop - mysterious kitchen fire. Good thing the wife got out of there. The perp will have some time to think about his next shirt and a bit of anger management while he's cooling his heels in the clink.

  3. Hi California girl,
    Nice to see you're still reading my blog even though I've hardly been posting anything since we got this new job. As I said before, I think, we're now working on a cook book project and at first is was so time consuming that I never had time for the blog. Now it's getting a little more routine and I'll be posting again.

    Yes, Fallbrook is a sleepy little town, but there have been some very interesting crimes here. I've always wanted to write a book about some of the more bizarre ones. But since I'm not that great of a writer, I'll leave that chore to some one else.

    Oh, the avocados. So sad. So many people are cutting down their groves. We still have ours but it's getting more difficult to keep it going. Our last water bill is sitting on my desk because I'm tempted not to pay it - $1,033.53 for one month!! Of course I will pay it, but I won't like it. And they say water is going to keep going up. So what's a person to do? And as you mentioned, the Mexican avocados are a real threat.
    For some reason, though the price of avocados was pretty good in April and May so they picked our meager grove. We didn't have much of a crop this year - but at least it helps to pay for the water.
    So that's the story. It's not a pretty picture. The future for California avocados is bleak.

    Oh, I also wanted to mention to you after seeing your blog about Mae West, that I also have a film blog. You might be interested - take a look:


    you have to go to the beginning to see what it's all about.
    Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. Hi Helen,
    Yes, that guy definitely needs some anger management classes. Do you think he'll get some help in prison? Ha!
    It was so sad to see that house in person. What a total waste.
    Yes, so much like the fires in India. I wonder if the guy thought his wife was in the house. He's so lucky she wasn't.