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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sepia Saturday #141 Home Tour Sepia Style

Alan's prompt for Sepia Saturday this week shows the interiors of a home. The theme was supposed to relate to the clock. But when I looked at this photo it reminded me of some photos that I had in an old photo album that belongs to a friend. A lot of the photos in the album of are of the people's home.

The first photo actually does have a clock in it so it does slightly relate to the theme.

See - here's the clock. Wish this photo wasn't so fuzzy so we could see what else is on the dresser.
This appears to be a bedroom. But it's made so cozy with the fluffy chintz covered chairs.

To continue our tour - here's the living area:

I really like this room with all the wicker chairs. But they're placed in a weird way - not exactly conducive to conversing. The little side table is adorable. I'd like to have one just like it. Not sure about those borders on the drapes!

Here's another view of this room:

They sure loved wicker, didn't they? That wicker table would cost a fortune today. Check out that nice fireplace and is that, could it be the Mona Lisa to the left of the fireplace. This must have been a very rich family.  But then why couldn't they afford some shades on those naked light bulbs?

Now let's take a walk into the dining area:

This room is so formal compared to the area with the summery wicker. The table and chairs are so heavy. Wonder what the cord is for hanging down from the table - a phone, a toaster? There's a fireplace in this room also. What a nice house. And the owners were so proud of it that they recorded almost every room.

But here's my favorite room. Wonder who slept here. Looks like it might be a child's room. And he sure loved animals. He was probably asking his parents for a dog or cat and they wouldn't let him have one so he plastered the walls with a his favorite breeds:

That's the tour. Isn't it fun to see how people lived years ago in their sepia rooms?
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Sepia Saturday #140 Super Weddings by Megan

Ah. Weddings. What a great theme for me to shamelessly advertise my daughter's business.

Megan majored in film at Boston's Emerson College and after trying the Hollywood film scene, decided she'd rather do her own thing. So using her love of film and of retro technology she started filming weddings using old super8 cameras and film (yes, real film!) She's turned this idea into a very successful business and travels all over the world filming weddings in that wonderful retro style.

Here she is filming a wedding in Tuscany.

And here's a link to her website where's she's posted a sample of her wedding films. Check them out.

hello super8

You can't tell that I'm proud or anything, can you?

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sepia Saturday #137 The Saddest Olympic Story Ever

This week's Sepia Saturday theme is about running and the Olympics. I'm going to tell you the sad Olympic tale about my ex-husband, Gonzalo Javier. It all happened before I knew him. He was a college student in Kansas and was an award winning runner, competing in both the mile and the the 1/2 mile.

After graduation from college, he gave up a job as a translator for the UN and broke off his engagement with his then girlfriend. He headed back to Guatemala where he was from so that he could qualify for the 1960 Rome Olympics.

Competing in the Olympics was the biggest dream of his life. He qualified for the 1500 meters and he and another athlete were both going to Rome. His dream had come true!

But wait. What happened to the dream? It turns out that in some of the smaller countries, the Olympics can become very political. Several people decided that they wanted to go along, like about 30 officials. They weren't athletes, they hadn't qualified for anything. But they wanted to go. So then the Guatemalan Olympic Committee said there were too many people to send. They couldn't afford to send 30 people. So they didn't send anyone - particularly the two athletes who had qualified.

Here's my ex looking very sad:

He went on to lead a very successful life being involved in education, having two children (with a second wife) and having lots of various interests. But I don't think he ever got over the disappointment of not going to the Rome Olympics.

Here's a clip of the man he would have run against. Could he have beaten him? We'll never know.


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