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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sepia Saturday #141 Home Tour Sepia Style

Alan's prompt for Sepia Saturday this week shows the interiors of a home. The theme was supposed to relate to the clock. But when I looked at this photo it reminded me of some photos that I had in an old photo album that belongs to a friend. A lot of the photos in the album of are of the people's home.

The first photo actually does have a clock in it so it does slightly relate to the theme.

See - here's the clock. Wish this photo wasn't so fuzzy so we could see what else is on the dresser.
This appears to be a bedroom. But it's made so cozy with the fluffy chintz covered chairs.

To continue our tour - here's the living area:

I really like this room with all the wicker chairs. But they're placed in a weird way - not exactly conducive to conversing. The little side table is adorable. I'd like to have one just like it. Not sure about those borders on the drapes!

Here's another view of this room:

They sure loved wicker, didn't they? That wicker table would cost a fortune today. Check out that nice fireplace and is that, could it be the Mona Lisa to the left of the fireplace. This must have been a very rich family.  But then why couldn't they afford some shades on those naked light bulbs?

Now let's take a walk into the dining area:

This room is so formal compared to the area with the summery wicker. The table and chairs are so heavy. Wonder what the cord is for hanging down from the table - a phone, a toaster? There's a fireplace in this room also. What a nice house. And the owners were so proud of it that they recorded almost every room.

But here's my favorite room. Wonder who slept here. Looks like it might be a child's room. And he sure loved animals. He was probably asking his parents for a dog or cat and they wouldn't let him have one so he plastered the walls with a his favorite breeds:

That's the tour. Isn't it fun to see how people lived years ago in their sepia rooms?
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  1. Thanks for the tour. Love the wicker -- yeah, you're right -- those pieces would fetch a pretty price today even if not pristine. That light fixture looks like the ones in my great-aunt's home that she built in the 1930s.

  2. Thanks for this home tour. Based on the dining area picture, my guess is these photo's were made in the 50's. On the ornate oak wood (?) table I think I see a coffee machine. And if it is an electrical machine, that could explain the wires. The power plug is on the chair. On the small table there is cocktail shaker.

  3. Is that a small square clock on the mantelpiece in the dining area? I don't think I've ever seen a home with so much wicker furniture.

  4. It seems unusual to see so much wicker furniture indoors.

  5. I wonder why they made an album of empty rooms? Thank goodness they did though as it's so interetsing. I love all the little details. Do you think those light bulbs were perhaps meant to be like that?

  6. I wondered if the last room was occupied by an aspiring artist who liked dogs and cats? I enjoyed the tour!

  7. A lovely tour - now I can't wait to rummage through my mother's old pictures to see if I can set up the same type of tour - thank you!

  8. It is so cool! I actually liked the curtain borders. I think that perhaps an artist lived there, one who specialized in animal portraits. That is how they got to be so rich. She traded 15 of her pieces for Mona Lisa, and was working her way up for shades on the chandelier. Obviousness I can make up a whole story about the folks who lived in this house. I love this post.

    Kathy M.

  9. As a child one of my favorite things about trick-or-treating, was seeing everyone's decorations and taking a peek at what little you could see from the door. Silly huh? You are right they loved wicker! Perhaps the room with chairs mixed about, was their reading room? Some chairs by a light and others possibly for knitting or just being alone! Thank you for the grand tour, sepia style!

  10. That's so funny. We have that same light fixture in the living room of our 1920s bungalow house. The exact same thing! It's not designed to have lamp shades. It's an odd thing. Some people love it and some people (i.e. my husband) hate it.

  11. Great tour of a lovely old home. I so enjoy seeing how people decorated their homes in different time periods. Loved the wicker furniture!

  12. Oh Nancy - I've spent ages looking at these pictures! The wicker furniture looks rather 1920's to me, and I love the little pedestal table in pic no 5. How interesting to have photos of several rooms in the same house :-) Jo