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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beauty and the Beastly Avocado

I've been doing a lot of reading and research this week about using avocados for various beauty treatments - soaps, moisturizers, hair shampoo and conditioners. I wanted to add some of the recipes and instructions, but after reading the instructions and watching youtube people smooshing and slopping chunky avocado stuff on their hair and face, I thought yuk. I just wouldn't do that. Would you? I'd rather buy the products already made up. Maybe that's just me.

Below are some products from Etsy that sound and look interesting. See if you agree.

From Sobe Botanicals , this is their Hot Stuff Hair Treatment containing rosemary, cedarwood, avocado and other oils. This hair treatment is good for dry, brittle and curly hair.

Then for a refreshing shampoo, try this Salty Dog Creme Shampoo from Gudonya Too. She maintains that the shampoo has a wonderfully light and fresh scent and gets hair squeaky clean. You'll have to read her interesting description of how she came up with the shampoo and the instructions for using it.  Very interesting.

Or you might want to try using a shampoo bar from La Conchita Naturals. This bar contains a nourishing blend of nutrient rich oils (including avocado, of course) and is scented with essential oils.

After you shampoo, you'll want to condition, right? Here's a conditioner from BathNBody. The conditioner contains avocado oil and glycerine among other ingredients. It's to recondition and revitalize the look and texture of your hair and supposedly leaves no flaky buildup or residue. 

After you've taken care of your hair, you're ready to use some hand and body lotion. Here's some from Picnic Basket Crafts. This cream contains pure apricot, cocoa butter and organic avocado and sunflower oils and according to the description, is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

And now for the lips. From Skin Journey, a softening and conditioning lip balm which contains squalane oil ("facelift in a bottle"), avocado oil and shea butter, among other ingredients. Use this lip balm and according to the maker - your lips will stay youthful looking. Sounds good to me.

You might want to try slopping a gooey mess of mashed avocados on your hair, but I for one, don't. I would much prefer to purchase some wonderful sounding treatments like the ones above.


  1. Everything looks tempting. I like the idea of avocado in skin products.

  2. What great products you show us...I can almost smell them...And I agree with you too...Dzintra♥x

  3. Hi California Girl,
    Yes I like the idea too - especially if some of OUR avocados wind up in the skin products. Ha!

    Hi Dzintra,
    Glad you enjoy the products that I find. The search is so much fun. Wonder what theme I'm going to use this week. I haven't decided yet. But thanks for stopping by.