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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tequila Bottles for Collectors! - Who Knew?

On Tuesday we made a little day trip to San Diego and took advantage of the once-a-month free day to visit various museums in Balboa Park.

After fully enjoying the Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art, we went to the Mingei Museum which has fabulous collections of folk art from all over the world. I was particularly intrigued by an exhibit of tequila bottles (since margaritas made from tequila go hand in hand with guacamole made from avocados!). I had no idea that tequila was bottled in such fantastical ways.

Here's a few that caught my eye and my camera:

Then I got curious and was looking on line to see other tequila bottles. Wow! Amazing the variety. Here are just four that were particularly interesting:

I loved the Espolon Tequila bottles with the super cute skeletons which evoke the storied culture of the "real Mexico".

The blue bottle - Oro tequila, is hand blown glass decorated with gold, rubies, emeralds or diamonds. They only make 30 of these annually and the cost is a whopping $36,000 (depending on which gems you choose).

The Ocho Tequila in the diamond bottle is $1 million euros - it's the most expensive tequila bottle ever sold!

And then of course, there is Frida Kahlo tequila. These are a bargain and sell for from $50 to $90 depending on the age of the tequila.

Who knew that there were so many types and kinds of tequila bottles? I sure didn't. But then I don't often buy a bottle of tequila. I just say "I'll have a margarita". And that's exactly how we ended our day. We had margaritas and appetizers at the Prado restaurant.


  1. What a collection! I never would have guessed - the bottle I just threw out was Lucky store brand. Now that's old tequila.

    Interesting niche - making fabulous bottles.

    Sounds like a great day.

  2. Wonderful photos and thanks for memories of the Prado. I remember eating there with my mother over thirty five years ago. I went to SDSU and Mom would occasionally drive down from LA to see me. We loved the park and Bazaar del Mundo, which was new back then. Can you imagine? The 15 had just been built a few years earlier and was considered an engineering marvel, especially some of the overpasses. The Old Globe was my client for years at the various radio stations where I worked. I had a great relationship with them and loved the plays. Is Jack O'Brien still creative/exec director? He's brilliant.

    Nice nice nice. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi Helen:
    I'll bet that Lucky brand tequila didn't come in a collectible bottle.

  4. Hi California Girl,
    Yes, isn't Balboa Park the best? Did you know that Bazaar del Mundo is no longer in their original location? Some idiot decided to modernize there and put in a shopping type mall (I'm not sure if this has ever been done). Bazaar del Mundo had to move to a new location. Such a shame.
    A friend of mine is a docent at the Old Globe and we go there all the time. Yes, I think Jack O'Brien is still there. I hear his name all the time.
    Glad you liked the post.