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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Am I Suspicious or What? - (Sepia Saturday)

I recently purchased this yearbook. I mainly wanted it because it was from the year of my birth and also it has some fabulous tipped in chapter headings which I just couldn't resist.

So I paid my $3.00 and happily carried it home. Then I started to read it and wow! Did I discover some interesting things about Margaret Hilton, the owner and her science teacher, Mr. McDaniel.

He wrote the most puzzling autograph. If a teacher had written this to my 9th grade daughter, I'd be really suspicious and wonder what in the heck was going on. I think I'd be on my way to the principal's office.

See what you think.
It's too small and fuzzy to read so I'll translate it for you:
Dear Margaret,
You used to think I didn't like you, but it seems that I did. I don't know of any good reason why I should. If I had my way I would probably want some changes made in your disposition, but, I suppose you would probably like to see some changes in mine. When things are all totaled up I guess we're both not so bad. I have to laugh when I look back at some of the screwy things that happened in 1st and 3rd period. I sure do want to get a look at some of the 9th grade brats after they get out of high school and I get out of the Navy. I wonder if you will still be stubborn and Sally will still be full of the dickens. I guess this is enough. Luck and so forth to you.
Mr. McDaniel

Here's the culprit. Wonder why he's holding a stick. Maybe because he teaches General Science. 

Hmmm. Don't you just wonder what this was all about? I'm sure it was pretty innocent or he wouldn't have written in her yearbook.

But then Johnny France wrote on this page:
Best of luck only watch out for McD. Have a good time (as if you won't).

Betty Myers added:
Dear Maggie,
You may be a nut and a screwball and all that but I still think you are a swell kid. Don't forget our good time we had teasing Mr. McDaniels (if you could forget).

and LaVerne LeMon wrote:
Dear Margaret,
Here's wishing you a lot of luck and no more trouble with Mr. McDaniels.

Here's a picture of Margaret, if you can see her. She's in the 4th row, second from left. She was pretty. I can imagine that maybe Mr. McDaniel might have had a crush on her. Purely innocent, of course. And there's Mr. McDaniel right in the front row. He was kind of cute, don't you think?

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  1. What a find that yearbook turned out to be! I agree that something's fishy about the teacher being so involved with her. And the other kid's comments,innocent as they are, show that others were aware that something was not quite right. 1942 was a fabulous year.

  2. Intriguing post. You can never be sure what happens at school.

  3. Ooo, so juicy! I love finds like this. And this is such a great one. Wonder where they are now!

  4. I tried to find them on google. But neither of them showed up. Maybe Mr. McDaniel got killed in the war. Margaret probably got married, had kids and then died. Or else why would her yearbook be for sale?
    It makes me sad when I find someone's yearbook and think that there was no one in the family to save it.

  5. Well, it was probably all innocent, but you never know. It sounds like they had a good time anyway.

  6. It certainly sounds odd but may have been very innocent. An interesting post.

  7. Doesn't strike me as having a crush on her! I think she was probably a pain in the butt to have in a class of kids, and Mr D had a good enough sense of humour to tolerate her well!

  8. Oh what a find. So entertaining. I will have to start giving those types of things a look-see at my favorite vintage store. I agree sounded like some hanky panky going on.

  9. I think she just probably liked to goof around in class a lot and liked to tease the teacher.

  10. I suspect that some of those girls had a crush on McD, enjoyed teasing him for attention, which he gave them. Margaret sounds like she might have been pretty fiesty! Fun to try try and figure out a person's personality based on the notes of others.

  11. I love the silhouettes in the yearbook

  12. I suspect it was innocent, but with wording we find strange today. I have my Senior Yearbook with all sorts of strange writings from classmates, mostly though the teachers signed their name with well wishes, etc. Interesting

  13. Yeah, that is more than a little bit creepy, but as you say, given the times, I guess it was innocent. That is a really great find though. You never know what you'll come across nosing around in old things!

  14. Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm thinking Humbert Humbert about now.

  15. Wonderful post : it was like being a time traveler hiding behind a curtain and watching what was taking place all those years ago. Will the story ever come out?

  16. This is the first time I have ever put LMAO on a Sepia Saturday!!!!

    P.S.: I am your newest follower and will tell my Dad that he has a fan club now.