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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I love Ikea

I recently visited the San Diego Ikea store. I wish there was a closer Ikea and I would go more often, not once every two years. Because I love Ikea. I went looking for a new kitchen. I wanted all new countertops, a new sink and maybe some new cabinets. I'd love to have cupboards with all kinds of pull out shelves and lazy daisies and things like that. So I looked and looked and finally chose all the the items I wanted. Then the salesperson said "If you'll just wait until the end of the month, all of this is going on sale and you could save about 20%."  That really got my attention. So I decided I would wait.  But, of course, I waited too long because I don't go to Ikea weekly, I go every other year. So, no new kitchen. Oh well, I didn't want to spend the money anyway.

So instead I made just some tiny purchases.  I got this lovely embroidered pillow that goes so nicely with my red room and red and white striped chair. Isn't it beautiful:

and then I spotted this set of spice jars.  I had to have them too. I took them home and filled them all up with spices that were littering my cupboards in little plastic bags.  Now they have a new home in their own little jars.

The jars are great. They can sit tipped or straight up. However you want them.

I also purchased a floor mat for my kitchen, but I'm not sure I like it. It's a bit ugly and not comfortable under bare feet. So I won't show you that. 

But I will share this youtube video with you. It's pretty amusing - all about Ikea:

My next post is going to be about why I love Big Lots. I don't love it as much as Ikea because you have to sort thru so much junk to find the little treasures. But it's a lot more challenging and when you do find something great, you feel so darned good about yourself and your bargain hunting prowess.

Do you also love Ikea? Any special buys that we should know about? Leave a comment and let me know.

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