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Friday, April 12, 2013

Sepia Saturday #172 Windy in Patagonia

This week's Sepia Saturday theme is hiking. I've never been much into hiking or mountain climbing, but my daughter sure is. In 2007 she and her then boyfriend, Martin decided to go to Patagonia.

I was a little worried about her. Why couldn't she go to Paris or Rome or some normal tourist place? No, she had to be extreme. She jumped out of a plane, swam with the dolphins and hiked all over New Zealand, traveled alone all around India.

They went on a hike to the Torres del Paine mountains seen above. It does look beautiful and I can understand why people would want to go there. But not this person. I'd rather sit in my armchair and just look at the photos.

You'll see why when you view this Youtube post of Megan (with hiking poles) and Martin on their "little hike", I thought OMG that looks so dangerous. You'd never catch me there. She did manage to make it back in one piece. Will a mother ever stop worrying?

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  1. Wow! I am so envious! It is one of the (many) places in The World I want to go too.Good on your daughter!

  2. My mother never stopped worrying. Even when I was 50 she was still worried about all the things I was doing! I've never been to South America..It looks really exciting.

  3. I think many of the adventures my sons have had (3 of them) were never shared with me...just for the mom-worry problem. That video doesn't look like fun to me in any definition of the word.

  4. Oh my. That does not look like fun to me. But they have stories to tell, don't they?

  5. I hope I never encounter wind like that!

  6. Megan is so cooll...and they look like they're freezing in the video. I would sure worry too. Where's she going next?

  7. That is some strong wind!

    My SIL has travels a lot like that by herself and seems to really enjoy herself. I would be chicken. My little sister backpacked through Europe on summer before she settled down and loved it. Not me! I like going on trips, but not too far away and not by myself.

    Kathy M.

  8. And I thought it was windy in Lanzarote! I struggled a bit with the video (hotel bandwidth this week) but I definitely got the drift!

  9. I love how he screams through it all,
    but no...
    not for me either!!!

  10. Patagonia is an area that I would love to see in person someday.