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Friday, March 13, 2015

My Favorite Dog Photos

This is our prompt photo for this week. What a cute dog she's holding. But I wanted to talk about my favorite dogs. Since I've already posted a blog about my own dog, I'm not going to feature her again. But here's my favorite film dog - Uggie:

Uggie is the star of the film, The Artist which won an Oscar for Best Film last year. He is the cutest dog ever. If you haven't seen the movie, you should rent it. It's wonderful. The real star of the film is Jean Dujardin, shown above. He's pretty cute too, but Uggie stole the show.

I dug through my treasure trove of old photos and came up with the following dogs with their owners:

Doesn't he look like he might be an entertainer with a dog act? I think I've posted this photo before and mentioned that I couldn't figure out what that stick is. Maybe the dog jumps over the stick. I hope it's not for discipline!! On second thought, I think it's not a stick at all, but the edge of a bench or chair.

This man would like to be an entertainer. He's saying "Sit, Stay" But that's about all he's trained the dog to do. Hope he didn't quit his day job!

I love this chubby little diapered baby sitting with his pet dog. Looks like they're having fun in the sand, check out his back paws.

Two kids and their dog sitting by the river. Maybe they just finished having a picnic. Doesn't get much better than that.

This old guy loves his dog. What a fine canine he has.

And here's a room of someone who really loved dogs. He had just about every breed pinned to his wall. Do you think he's trying to decide which dog to adopt, or just admiring all the different types. Maybe his landlord didn't allow pets, so this is his answer to a petless home. 

I couldn't finish this post without adding a photo of my own dog (even tho I said I wouldn't) but I was feeling guilty. So here she is with her owner.

Check out other favorite pets by clicking here:http://sepiasaturday.blogspot.com/2015/03/sepia-saturday-270-14-march-2015.html


  1. A bonanza of dog photos. I share your infatuation with Uggie. What a great photo of you and Tootie!.

  2. I like your friends here

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. Nice old photos, and yours is very appropriate too.

  4. The dog with the diapered baby looks like the same dog with the man -- see the white socks on the dog.

  5. I like to see kids with dogs especially if they are their own, Uggie rightly stole the show - he should have had an Oscar too.

  6. I like Uggie and the one with the baby best.

  7. You just had to show that lovely photo of yourself and your pet!

  8. A great show of dogs, but the Oscar is a tie between Uggie & your adorable little pooch. You were right to include her!

  9. You really had to love your dog to bring it to the studio back then, very expensive! They are all so cute!

  10. Yay, dog lovers, they are all cute...I'll stick to my cats!

  11. A nice series of sepia but the one of you and your own dog is charming; you even have the same hairstyle!

  12. All wonderful friends! I'd be lost without all the darlings from the past and still with me today. I just adored that dog in the Artist, it was an exceptional movie too!