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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Will We Become Like Lucy Stomping Grapes?

Did you read my previous post about how it's getting so difficult to grow avocados? We're grappling with the problem - do we cut down our trees and plant grapes? Will our future become stomping grapes in a big vat just like Lucy?:

If we do shift from avocados to grapes, we'll probably be interested in the following wine-related items from Etsy. You might be interested in them also.

Here are some wine charms that are from B Bye Buttefly. They're made from recycled scrabble tiles:

The folks from Retired Records make everything you can think of from old LPs - bowls, jewelry, and even a wine holder. See what you think of this unique item:

Do you ever feel the need to dress up your wine bottle?  JC Jools has just the thing - this gorgeous necklace that any bottle would be proud to wear:

I've been wanting a wine bottle stopper. This one is quite beautiful. It's from Jerrys Woodworks. 
It looks heavy duty enough to really keep the wine fresh and drinkable.

And last but not least, here's the wine rack that will have them cracking up in your kitchen. It's from Knob Creek Metal Works.

And I'll leave you on that note.


  1. I remember those melted lp's. We found one in our
    grove the other day....it must have been there for decades.

  2. I'm cracking up at that wine rack.

  3. P.S. Of course, I'm also cracking up at Lucy. This was one of her funniest programs ever.