We're two sisters who are craft book publishers and found ourselves in the midst of an avocado grove. We bought this house where we planned to conduct our publishing business and in the deal got 4 acres of avocado trees thrown in. Now we're not only publishers but ranchers as well! This blog is all about avocados and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

To Cut, To Water or to Stump?

Sorry for the no blogging in the last few weeks. We just got a big job that has taken lots of my time. We're working on another cooking project which is really fun, exciting and challenging.

Also we took a mini vacation and joined the masses in Washington DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity which was really, really fun.

Now I'm back and ready to blog some more.

A couple of weeks ago we had a meeting with our grove service people, Nicholas and Tim (below). We were trying to figure out what to do with our grove which is costing more and more money every year. It's mainly the water that's the problem. 

The solution we've arrived at is to stop watering about 100 of our trees which are not producing that much anyway. That will save a third on our water bill. So that should help. By January we're going to have to start stumping some of the trees which have gotten too high to pick. We'll leave the trees that border the property so it will still be green and pretty. These measures will help in the short term. We don't really have a long term plan. Since proposition 19 didn't pass, we can't grow pot! What's a grower to do???


  1. We are saved only because we have a well. Still the bills are horrible. I'm sure the financial relief will be worth the trauma of cutting and stumping.

  2. traumatic isn't the word for it. Barbara can actually hear the trees screaming as they're being stumped.

  3. Hoping You Had A Good ThanksGiving.Regards From Tony.