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Friday, November 30, 2012

Sepia Saturday #154 Down to the sea in boats

Our prompt photo for Sepia Saturday this week shows two men in a rowboat. I immediately thought of some photos I had in my stash that related to boats.

First we have a family on a cruise. It looks like they might be going from Berlin to Bremen according to the life saver (or else that's the name of the ship). I like how they documented their trip, even got the captain in on the shot. Poor captains. I wonder if they ever get tired of having to to be in everyone's photo.   

Here's a real fun loving group. They look like a prosperous bunch, maybe on a yacht. I'm thinking the handsome man in the foreground is not too happy. He was hoping to pair up with the cute girl in the center and instead got stuck with a not too attractive lady with very sad eyes. He wants off that boat fast.

This group isn't as prosperous as the ones above. They just have a rowboat. I wonder if it even left the shore or if they got in just for the photo. Too bad Handsome Man in the previous photo couldn't have gotten off his yacht and jumped into the boat between those two cute eligible females. He would have had much more fun. I also wonder about that ghostly shadow on the right of the photo. It's kind of eerie, isn't it?

Now here's what I call a Prince of a sailor. Do you think he has any idea at all about his craft?  He looks so young. Way before he met Wallace Simpson. If only he had stayed on the boat, history might have been quite different!

Just like the Prince, my ex-husband felt the sea calling. For some reason (not having any prior experience with boating) he got his captain's license and then proceeded to build a 64' catamaran, The Discovery (that's him on the right in the white shirt, waving). He sailed it down the coast from San Diego to Acapulco and used it to ferry tourists around to various sites. His undoing came when he decided to set out for Cancun. On the way there, he and his crew met with a terrible storm off the coast of Salvador. The Discovery was battered, bruised and almost sunk. The crew was rescued by the Salvadorian Navy. That was the end of the Discovery. I can't help but compare this story to Helen's post about her Grandfather Hector building a coffin and later turning it into a boat. My ex pretty much did the same thing, only he did it in reverse - he built a boat that almost became his coffin.

Farewell Discovery.

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  1. An interesting and varied collection of boats.

  2. Well, this was really worth waiting for. You marry the most interesting men. Did he build "Discovery" at your home? Of course I love the perfect twist at the end; my grandfather and your ex would have gotten along well.

    1. No, he didn't build it at home. He built it at some boat building place. Actually we weren't together during his captain phase.

  3. SEApia - oh clever and oh groan! I think Handsome Man needed to stay put -- too many people already in the poor-man's yacht. It looks ready to tip as it is.

  4. There was an SS Bremen which travelled the Atlantic I believe; now if it was registered in Berlin we could have found your ship.

  5. Oh I don't know I think those captains are quite extrovert and rather like posing for the camera. That's a neat comparison with Helen's story too. Very worthy of SEApia Saturday.

  6. Not only do captains have to pose a lot, there is also the captain's diner adding weight to their importance ;)
    I had to smile about your boat/coffin reverse story. But irrespective of its fate, the Discovery was a beautiful ship!

  7. A great variety of photos and what a pity about The Discovery. Jo

  8. A very entertaining post. The "ghostly shadow" is also interesting as it matches the ladies dresses.

  9. It seems boats have such an attraction for photo shots. I like the rowing boat and its crew, a happy bunch. Pity about the Discovery, the crew had a lucky escape, it is scary and terrible to be caught in a storm on water or in the air!

  10. Strangely enough the handsome man down front, right, is gloomy because he was interested in the rather plain but quite witty woman to his left and she was not interested in him. He was a pretty face, but no clever reparte.

  11. A great post. Photos of people on a ship or boat are always so jolly and relaxed. Where's the camera when the sea is really up?

  12. As far as HRH goes,
    that boat has sailed, a long time ago.
    Lilibeth has given the throne some stability
    the country needed.
    Who knows what the future may hold though.

    Loved your joke at the end.

  13. Wonderful post (as always). I was on a cruise a few weeks ago and the poor captain still has to pose for endless photographs.

  14. How frightening for your ex-husband and the crew of the Discovery! Sounds like they had a narrow escape.

  15. What fun looking at those photos while reading the stories, well except for the Discovery and then again you did say ex, so quite a tale and a thought to tie back to the coffin.

  16. I enjoyed your different angle on the story in focussing on boats.