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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mountain Lion spotted in grove

Wow. This is kind of scary. Our gardener had told us this week that he had heard something really big in the grove. He was sure it wasn't a coyote or a dog. He said the footprints sounded too big (can a footprint sound?) - way bigger than a coyotes (who supposedly have really small feet).

So yesterday my dog and I were having lunch on the patio and she started barking ferociously and I heard the really big footprints and ran to the fence just in time to see something light brownish running through the grove. It was bigger than a cat, about the same size as a coyote. It could also have been a bobcat which are smaller than mountain lions. But both are found in San Diego county. I think it was our mountain lion. Yikes.  (by-the-way - I did not take the above photo or the Youtube film below - that's not our mountain lion).  I never let my dog off her leash outside. Just too many predators. We have coyotes, hawks and now mountain lions (or bobcats). Ah, the beauty of living in the country! Kind of makes me want to move back to the big city.

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  1. Wow!
    These Beasts are beautiful but Im not sure I would like to share my garden with one!
    What Can You Do? Was he/she just passing through or are you likely to run into it again?