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Friday, July 30, 2010

We Brake for Avocado Fudge!!

Whoa!! Stop the car. Did you see that sign? AVOCADO FUDGE? Stop the Car. Screeeeech. We came to a halt. We just had to get a taste of Avocado Fudge. That was yesterday as we were driving down Main Street in our cute little town of Fallbrook.

So we entered the door and felt like we were reeling back to our childhood in Chicago where we had Joe's Candy Store - packed full of penny candies. Well Swirlz might not have penny candy as we remember it, but they sure have everything else. Here's just a small selection.

There were several different rooms full of every kind of candy you could imagine. What fun for a kid. A veritable treasure trove of sweets.

We were greeted by Shawn who was manning the shop. He led us to the refrigerator that was stocked to the overflowing with every kind of avocado fudge you might want. There was plain, rocky road, chocolate walnut, chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate mocha and white chocolate. It was hard to choose, but we finally decided on the chocolate walnut.

Shawn was nice enough to give us a little sample of the fudge. It was quite delicious, but I sure couldn't taste any avocado. But the avocado replaces most of the butter in the recipe. So this fudge should be healthier than normal fudge.

After our taste, we took a tour of the shop. What fun. We especially liked the retro gums, candies and soft drinks. Here's a sample:

Our favorite soft drink was the one from Russia (maybe it's not really from Russia) called Leninade. Ha. Too funny. I'll certainly return and buy a bottle of that - just to taste it and then to keep the bottle for a cute vase. Love it.

I'm sure Swirlz has more Pez containers than any place outside of Rosie O'Donnel's house! There was a giant assortment - what a great place to start your own collection.

We bought our box of fudge, two ice cream sandwiches and had to tear ourselves away before we spent any more money. But I'm sure going to return to Swirlz - have to have that Russian bottle!!

You can order Avocado Fudge on line from Swirlz. Look under "Home Style Gourmet Chocolate".



  1. I had to read this! I mean, avocado fudge. But, when you explain it replaces most of the butter..
    well, that makes perfect sense! Quite an idea, really. who doesn't like fudge? Especially one with an oil that is good for you.

  2. I've driven by there many times and never ventured in. What an incredible inventory. I'll have to go buy some Beechman's gum. And maybe some fudge.

  3. that place looks cool. nice addition to the little town of fallbrook.