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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My friend eats worms!!

My friend, Curtis Hamilton, just sent me an email that I thought I should share.

Here's what he wrote:
"I have a food item for you. Found a big worm in an ear of roasted organic corn from the farmer's market and to impress my grandchildren, gross out my squeamish son-in-law and out of curiosity I ate it—and found it quite delicious!

I have long found the presence of pests in produce to be welcome reassurance that it is at least relatively free of agricultural poisons but always cut around them. I will definitely look for wormy ears in future."

Other's reactions to finding such a worm differed.

"I put a husk in the microwave. I removed the husk. The ends looked weird but the middle part was ok, yellow and fresh looking. As I was eating, a long worm dropped out of the end. I almost had a heart attack. I am going to avoid corn for the rest of my life. I threw the remaining corn in the trash. I'm thinking about throwing everything out of the fridge. Uggghhh!!!"
Curtis responds:
(Maybe, to be on the safe side, this person should throw out the fridge too.)

Here's another comment:

"Not only is the corn safe to eat, but so is the worm. Corn ear worms are listed as edible, safe for humans, and having a light nutty flavor."

What do you think? To eat or not to eat the worm in your next ear of corn?

1 comment:

  1. I presume when he says "roasted corn" that the worm was cooked?

    I could eat one if sliced paper thin and sauteed quickly in lots of garlic and olive oil along with sugar snap peas and if it was renamed something snooty like "ami de la maize au terroir" and of course preceded by plenty of wine.

    Raw and wiggling....I'd have to be pretty hungry.