We're two sisters who are craft book publishers and found ourselves in the midst of an avocado grove. We bought this house where we planned to conduct our publishing business and in the deal got 4 acres of avocado trees thrown in. Now we're not only publishers but ranchers as well! This blog is all about avocados and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wormy things from Etsy

Yes, Curtis ate a worm (see previous post). And he's mighty proud of this accomplishment. I thought that he should have something to commemorate this feat, so I've selected some items from Etsy that I thought he or anyone who has ever eaten a worm might enjoy having.

Here are some lovely glasswork worms from Emmagerard  that can be made into any kind of jewelry. They look just like candy, so be careful where you put them, like NOT in your mouth:

I absolutely love this card from Kate Berube. Her artwork reminds of Bob Blechman, a real favorite of mine from year's past. It's just the perfect sentiment for a worm eater, don't you think—nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm going to eat a worm?

You're going to love this wormy item. It's from Dbabcock, a really unusual place to rest your soap:

And here's a wormy item for the person who has everything. It's from Emergent Glassworks
a wormy marble!

This is a piece that's sure to be a favorite. I absolutely love it. It's by Gathered Together. What an interesting altered book to set on a coffee table or bookcase.

And last but not least, a wormy teapot from Antware Pottery.

The next time you're presented with a worm in your ear of corn, don't be alarmed. Confront your fear. And think of all the wonderful wormy collectibles that are available to honor your bravery.


  1. :-)

    I'm always happy when I find lots of worms in my compost -- they're great for the garden, too. Thanks for showing off my soap dish!


  2. Thanks for featuring my glass worms!

  3. These are whimsical and fun. There are so many creative folk out there. It boggles my mind.

    How are you two doing? How is the avocado farm, the water situation and the future of avocados in Fallbrook?

  4. Hi California Girl,
    Oh, things are not good in avocado land. As I told you the water rates are ridiculously high and this is an ongoing problem. But now we have a brand new problem. The price of avocados is at an all time high. For some reason Mexican avocados are not coming into the market right now. But, there's no labor to pick the avocados. Because of California's attitudes about immigration - lots of people have either moved to friendlier states or gone home. So our avocados which are worth a fortune right now - are just sitting there on the trees with no one to pick them.
    The on going saga!!
    But thanks for asking.