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Friday, February 18, 2011

Millie's Downfall - Sweets

Here's another vintage cookbook from my collection. This one didn't have a name written in it, so I had to invent one. Millie is the first name that popped into my mind as I was thumbing through the pages of All About Home Baking. Millie really liked her sweets. I love the way she added her favorite recipes to the book. As if there weren't enough fatty, hi-calorie recipes already!  This one was pasted into the flyleaf:

Then this one was paper clipped on the opposite page. It doesn't have a title. Millie probably thought it didn't need one. She knew what it was. Probably a cake since she's using cake flour. Wow, sift 3 times! That's a little overkill.

Then hiding under the above cake recipe was this one. Maybe it was hiding because it was somewhat healthy. Why eat oranges when you can have cake?

Millie didn't approve of the caramel frosting recipe. She had to add her mother's instead:

Then tucked inside this book, was another little cook book. Equally as caloric. Have you ever seen a more sickening looking cake?

Millie added lots of other recipes here and there in the book. I didn't want to bore you with all of them but they included:
Apple Cream Pie
Satiny Beige Icing
Old Time Pound Cake (she loved pound cake!)
Fluffy Frosting
Strawberry Tart
Spiced Crumb Crust
But let me know if you'd like to check out any of them and I'll be happy to forward them to you. The Apple Cream Pie sure sounds good, doesn't it?

After cooking and eating all of these tempting bake goods, this is how I imagine Millie to look. What do you think? And check out the Queen Victoria tattoo.

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  1. Millie is a dillie! Perfect. I love these recipes and your comments. I have friends who visit once in a while from Canada and after a few glasses of wine they can be convinced to sing this old Kingston Trio favorite..which I thought of immediately on viewing Millie:

    We came to town to see that old tattooed lady. She was a sight to see, tattooed from head to knee.
    My uncle Ned was there. He came to gape and stare. "I've never!" he declared, "Seen such a freak so fair."

    And on her jaw was the Royal Flying Corp and on her back was the Union Jack, now could you ask for more?
    All up and down her spine marched the Queen's own guards in line and all around her hips sailed a fleet of battleships.

    And over her left kidney was a bird's eye view of Sidney but what we liked best was upon her chest
    My little home in Waikiki!

  2. That's hilarious. Such a perfect song to go along with that photo.

  3. Hello from Oz,
    Well, that cake does look SWEET but from all the recipes, I bet it tastes good. Millie sure loved her food to look as she does.
    Her tatoos were surprising for back then.And I bet they hurt more to have them done. She was one strong woman not to be messed with I'd say.

  4. I do like it when people personalise books, changing them from dull tomes into almost-living documents. Your cook-book is a great find and a splendid sepia source-book

  5. Maybe she shared her goodies. Perhaps its her corpulent spouse you should be revealing.

    I love cookbooks and this was a fun trip! You're right about that Betty Crocker cake though - GAG!


  6. Never know where to find you gal. I am commenting on your comment at my place. I used to use a big thick CP book but now use http://laconfidential.blogspot for help. My favorite is the Sunday puzzle. Good luck

  7. I think somewhere in my collection of cookbooks I have that same Betty Crocker photo and ad. It sure looks familiar. Now I'll spend some time finding it. Millie is the poster girl for good cooking for sure! :)

  8. Oh my is all I can say on the last photo...she might be good for a shop photo as well! Exciting...I love the crumpled yellow papers sticking out of the first photo! Nicely done!

  9. I see I shall have to pay more attention to my wife's old cookbooks stacked in the kitchen. I know one goes back at least 70 years. No tattooed ladies though.

  10. Oh, Softasilk is still in my cupboard. A must for making shortbread. Love seeing old cookbooks. Run post