We're two sisters who are craft book publishers and found ourselves in the midst of an avocado grove. We bought this house where we planned to conduct our publishing business and in the deal got 4 acres of avocado trees thrown in. Now we're not only publishers but ranchers as well! This blog is all about avocados and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Soup's On

Yesterday I posted an avocado soup recipe for my vet, Dr. Jones. And since today is etsy Thursday, I'm going to feature some soup bowls, ones that would be perfect for serving Chilled Avocado Soup.

What a perfect way to serve soup - in vegetable shaped bowls (or mugs as the case might be). Well, avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable. But you have my permission to serve avocado soup in a vegetable mug. Especially mugs this cute. These are from Grits Girlz.

I love these bowls - so vintage, yet so modern. They're actually melamine, but who cares? Can't you just picture that creamy avocado soup gracing these super midcentury bowls? Gorgeous.
These are from All Things White. Be sure to visit this site with everything you can think of in shades of white. A really interesting collection.

My daughter would go crazy for these bowls. She loves anything turquoise.  They're vintage and really, really lovely. The leafy design is incredibly cool. These are from Besom.

Do you have problems with people in your household using your bowl?  Pats Pottery can certainly help you out. She can add your name to your very own bowl. Or you can have the one below that just claims the bowl as yours. No name needed.  No more fighting over whose bowl is whose. 

I'm a sucker for Fiesta or Bauerware anything. And these bowls would be welcome in any collection, whether they're the real thing or not. These are so colorful and sleak. They're from Fish Legs. Absolutely perfect for serving avocado soup.

 And here's a bowl selected especially for Dr. Jones. It's from Barbara Donovon. This cute bowl is wheel thrown with a carved relief design. It's food and dishwasher safe. Don't you just love it?

Check out yesterday's post and try the avocado soup recipe. Which bowl will you serve it in?


  1. Mmmmm, avocado soup sounds great! Thanks for featuring my bowls!


  2. What a great soup recipe - I plan to try it since I love avocados - yum!

    Thanks for featuring our veggie bowls - you sourced some really great pieces and I loved seeing your choices.


  3. must try that soup recipe, sounds delicious! so pleased to see my white bowls here- thank you.

  4. Lots of neat bowls each well designed to make them all special.

  5. Thanks for featuring my dog bowl, or, um, make that my human bowl decorated with dogs! Lots of lovely bowls in this post. I can't wait to try the avocado soup too!

  6. Love the bowls. I'm always looking for one that doesn't hold a quart or so. Isn't a cup of volume enough for an appertizer? or for almost anything other than chocolate where you must make the jump up to a pint of a quart. That's just the way it is.