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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tiny Books from Etsy

My last post was about a tiny Peruvian cookbook that I purchased at a Molé cook-off in Olvera Street. I'm pretty partial to tiny things. When I was little, I had a collection of tiny ceramic pitchers (I actually still have them). Now I have collections of tiny chairs and tiny shoes. And I think I'm going to start adding to my collection of tiny books, starting with the Peruvian cookbook.

Since it's Etsy Thursday, I decided to see what I could find when searching for tiny books. There were so many, I had a hard time choosing which ones to feature.

Here's a small sampling of what I found:

These darling tiny book earrings are from junque treasures. Wouldn't you be a hit wearing these to your next book club meeting?

And here's something to wear with them - a beautiful necklace from Karen Dubois. What a great Valentine's gift for an avid reader.

I chose this one because of the bright colors and fun graphics. I'd love to keep notes in this little journal. You'll find this colorful tiny book in the shop of ivy lane designs.

This set of 3 handsome journals with the orange stitching is from ShePinTea. They measure 1.9" x 1.7" and each contain 56 pages. They're so cute I can hardly stand it. Have to have them and they're only $5.00. Now that's a real deal.

I'd really like to have this set of nursery rhyme books. According to The Toy Box these books were given with a purchase of Buster Brown shoes some time in the 1950s. I bought Buster Brown shoes, I never got one of these books!!  They're  3" x 2" and include some really sweet illustrations.

I really shouldn't start another collection, but I sure am tempted. How about you?


  1. Oh, I love books! I like the set of 3 - adorable. I also like the Buster Brown books. They remind me of Little Golden Books. I think I had Buster Brown shoes when I was a kid and I don't remember seeing books like these. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Yes, I'm tempted. Do you have tiny shelves to display the tiny things on? The tiny collections are so wise to choose, considering the alternative. The crazy guys who collect cars for instance..they could take a page out of your tiny book. Ha. Do you think there are people out there in some kind of complimentary balancing universe collecting large books, large chairs, large shoes?

    We had Buster Brown shoes. All I remember about them is getting our feet x-rayed to see if the shoes fit. The books are all just fascinating.