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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Case of the Missing Digit Part II or Be Careful When You Whack That Pit

So, now you've learned how to cut a bagel because of all of the BRI (Bagel Related Incidents), but did you know that there are also ARI (Avocado Related Incidents)? Helen, my trusty researcher found this article from the blog Eat Drink and be Merry about an avocado injury.

So yes, that's proof. You can really injure yourself pitting an avocado. Here's a sample of instructional videos on how to cut and pit an avocado. Then check out the doctor's comment below. Interesting.

I can't figure out why men film themselves shirtless. What's the deal. And shouldn't he have cleaned up his kitchen a little?

I like this one because it's a good example of what not to do.

Did you see how the pit jumped right into the other half avocado. Ha. She really whacks that pit!! Looks very dangerous. Here's what a doctor commented:

THIS IS A DANGEROUS VIDEO AND SHOULD NOT BE FOLLOWED! I have had to surgically repair several tendons and nerves from cuts caused by avocado cutting and pitting. The knife handling shown is dangerous and should not be duplicated. 1. NEVER hold a piece of fruit or a vegetable in the palm of your hand while cutting. Use a cutting board or towel on the counter. 2. Use a spoon to remove the pit. It may not sound cool, but you don't look cool after surgery for an avocado injury!

Here's a little bit different technique. Looks a lot safer.

But to be really safe try this:


  1. Well, for 52 years, I simply peeled as much of the avocado as I needed, then sliced the peeled portion onto the plate. This is the way my mother taught me. It never occurred to me to cut it in half and then whack the seed out. My husband's best friend visited, was helping me prepare a salad, saw me doing that and showed me pretty much what the lady above does. He's been in the restaurant business his entire life.

    I've never again been the same.

    Once in a while, I catch myself absent mindedly peeling and slicing the avocado. But it's when I'm think about something else.

    I do whack it but I do it carefully.

  2. I'm surprised that you switched from peeling to whacking. Your peeling method sounds so much safer. I'll have to try it sometime. I've always used the whacking method and have never had an accident, but there's always a first time!!