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Thursday, June 10, 2010

How to Stay Neat While Making Guacamole

So you're mashing, mixing and stirring up a batch of guacamole which can be a messy proposition. You're puzzled about what to do to keep yourself neat and tidy. Then you have this fuzzy memory of your mother in the kitchen wearing something over her clothes. What was that odd fashion statement she was making? Wait, that wasn't fashion - it was an apron - that utilitarian icon of the kitchen from years past. Sometimes the apron would venture out from the kitchen and make an appearance at a bridge or cocktail party or as a halloween costume - the ever popular French maid.

So I started to do some research on aprons. Here's a book that looks really interesting:

And if you'd like to become a collector or just have your very own apron like your mom or grandma used to wear, check out these that I found on Etsy:

I really can't imagine wearing a crocheted apron. But you just can't imagine how many of them are listed on Etsy - there were hundreds! I have a feeling that it was one of those kinds of things that crocheters made when they had already made too many doilies, toilet paper covers, baby blankets and afghans. Now what else can I make that would be totally impractical? How about an apron? This one is from Everything Paula:

I really like this one. It's so cheery and colorful. See it at: Find Me a Memory.

This design was stripped right off of the bed and made into an apron. "Quick, honey, the dinner guests have arrived! Put this on and go open the door." Don't you just love it? It's from  Hartwell Designs:

Now who would be caught dead wearing this apron at their next barbecue? I guess if you want to advertise the Electric Portable Kitchen, you might. This very hilarious apron is from Save the Vintage.

This apron is called the Naughty Housewife. Ha! It's from Katadrian. Check out all four photos:

And here's the apron (from Lace and Luxuries) to wear after a hard day at the office anticipating a hard day at home:

This is the one to wear at your next cocktail party. Suesue Gonzalas suggests you wear it with your red stilettos:

I hope you've been inspired to wear an apron the next time you're in the kitchen. I've only chosen a tiny fraction of those available on Etsy. There are literally hundreds listed and it's really fun to see all of the different varieties. Just go to "Vintage" and type in "aprons". You'll be amazed.


  1. I can't imagine wearing a crocheted one either. But that fancy one! woo hoo! it calls for sexy underwear, nylons and a sexy garter belt.

    seriously folks, I hear aprons are back. I still wear my mother's and it's probably 30 yrs old or more. it's not cute but it IS functional. It's like the smocks you wear in the hospital, with pockets.

  2. What a great collection. I don't know if suesues was made for housework ;)

  3. Hey from Arkansas! Yall are too funny! Love the aprons.

  4. Nice tie-in. Pardon the pun. The aprons are wonderful. If the crocheted aprons get wet would they sag and drag like our knit bathing suits did?
    My favorite is the Electric Portable Kitchen apron.

  5. Hi California Girl,
    That's so neat that you wear your mother's apron. So what if it's not cute, function is way more important and so is nostalgia.
    Hi Carmel,
    No, I really don't think that red rose apron was for housework but I sure wonder what it was for!!
    Thanks Leslie,
    For coming to my blog and for thinking it's funny. Come back again.
    Yes, anything crocheted seems like it would sag and bag including an apron. Crochet is not for clothing - especially swimming suits. Ugh.