We're two sisters who are craft book publishers and found ourselves in the midst of an avocado grove. We bought this house where we planned to conduct our publishing business and in the deal got 4 acres of avocado trees thrown in. Now we're not only publishers but ranchers as well! This blog is all about avocados and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Avocado as Muse

Now that I've become an Avocado blogger, friends and family and even strangers give me things that pertain to avocados. My friend Jean, gave me this wonderful little cookbook that was lovingly put together by the Fallbrook Woman's Club, probably as a fundraiser. It's not a slick cookbook like other fundraising efforts that we've all seen. It's definitely hand done, down to the little green ribbon bow glued to the front:

And on the inside of this little booklet is an ode to avocados which I'd love to share with you:

Life Saga of "Avie" The Fallbrook Avocado

My name is Avie, I'm here on the scene
I live in Fallbrook where all is serene
I hang around in the freshest of air
And commune with friends with never a care.

Then along come these people who want to change me
To take away my freedom and rearrange me.
They slice me, or dice me, or mash me flat!
If it happened to you, would you like that?

As if that abuse were not enough
They throw food on me and stir me up
Like gobs of mayonnaise and squeezes of lime,
Chunks of tomatoes and onions diced fine.

They fry me or bake me or chill me till cool
And all this abuse is down right cruel!
I was so happy just hanging out free
Swinging aloft in my Fallbrook tree

Now all has changed and against my wishes
I have become their favorite dishes.
by Joyce Brazel

Wow, after reading this, I think I'll start a chapter of SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Avocados). Will I ever want to dice or chop one again? Will you?

This is one of the more unusual recipes from the book (which actually has lots of tasty sounding selections):

The thing I love about this card is that it features a bright red beet for the illustration. Did the graphic designer misread this card and think it said "Beet Battered Fried Avocado Wedges"? Or did she just like the image? It will forever puzzle me. Anyway, this sounds like a very interesting way to eat avocados. Would love to try it sometime.


  1. just the type of lovely little cookbook I'd expect to see. that recipe sounds pretty darn good too.

  2. Hi California Girl,
    I'll let you know if I try the deep fried avocado slices. I'm waiting for some avocados to ripen right now. Then I'll give them a try, fattening or not.