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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Sucker for Kitchen Tools

I love kitchen gadgets. I'm a real sucker for them. I'm particularly vulnerable to infomercials. The last time I wanted to order something, I had to call my sister and beg for an intervention. But it didn't work, I ordered it anyway. It was the Redi Set Go Express Cooker. I've used it twice and it now sits inside the cupboard where it will probably stay.

But today I saw a really neat tool on the Today show. I'm a particular sucker for slicers and dicers. I could stand for hours at the county fair watching those hawkers slice and dice onions and tomatoes with a varied assortment of choppers and special knives. Here's the one that caught my eye on the Today show:

It's from William Sonoma and I can't vouch for it but everyone who commented on their site gave it 5 stars. Do you think those comments on company's sites are true? I always wonder that. Another nice thing about this particular chopper is that it's not electric so uses no power. Just a lot of elbow grease that probably could be beneficial to those upper arms. 

Anyway, if you're making salsa to go along with your guacamole this weekend, it seems like a great tool to chop all your veggies. What do you use? Do you have the ultimate chopper?

In case you're like me and really can't make it to a county fair this year, here's a sample of some great dicing and slicing videos that I found on you tube. Some of them are really long, so just watch until you can't stand it anymore.

Would you let your kid handle this machine. Yikes. But he seems to be a real pro:

I really love this one. He rarely wears his shirt in his videos. What a show-off. Love the open up truck with his supplies behind him.

This one's pretty heavy-duty and you have to like reading subtitles:

I saw this man on the Sunday morning show a few weeks ago. Amazing rags to riches story. He's dead now, but his daughter has taken over his spot:


  1. That's the last time I'll intervene!

  2. ha, this is a fun collection of vids.

    i have an electrical juicer which we used a LOT for one summer. and its languished in the cupboard ever since...... with the pasta machine....

  3. I love the half-naked guy and the way he hates meditation. The recipe is hilarious - he must have used 1/2 cup of garlic powder, ugh.

    I can't resist the slicer/chopper guys either. Every food market I've been in seems to have one or more of these gadgets being demonstrated. If you stop and listen closely you'll pick up the chop, whack, thud of one of these guys.Finally I stopped buying them but the temptation is always there - maybe I will want to make long zucchini strips and cucumber twirls??

    Great post. You are too funny!!

  4. I've always been so intrigued by the Magic Bullet...I wonder if it's half as good as it looks!

  5. The potato peeler is my favorite. I met him on the streets of NY and boy, he was a great salesman. Wish I'd had some spare change the day I met him or I'd have bought a bunch.

  6. Oh and good job with the youtube videos mom! :)

  7. Brings back memories of the 'all you have to do it tap it" machine of the 50's-60's era. We used to laugh about that because you had to hit the thing so hard to chop the stuff!!
    Very funny videos. too.