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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun Avocado Stuff

I thought it would be fun to have an Etsy day. If you don't already know what Etsy is - it's an online place where you can purchase handmade items, vintage items, art supplies, etc. Etsy has just the coolest stuff. So I went through and selected items that might have something to do with avocados - since this is an avocado blog after all. Some are just avocado colored and others have a more functional role.

Here's some interesting things that I found while scrolling through www.etsy.com.

Aren't these a beautiful avocado green color? Love these bracelets and they're all the way from Australia! Do they have avocados in Australia?
To see more info go to topaz turtle.

Here's the perfect chip and dip set for your guacamole recipe that you made after you saw it on my blog. You did make it didn't you?
Check out this retro set at sea glass vintage.

Want some artwork for your walls. And of course you need a picture of an avocado.  Here's a beautiful one. It's an authentic botanical drawing. Nice, huh?

To see this shop's artwork, rainy day vintage.

I love these bowls. They're just the thing for mixing up some guacamole or making a big salad topped with sliced avocados. See what you think:

Check them out at dreams of color.

I absolutely love this next item. It's a pattern for an apron and place mats that are so retro. You have to have them for hosting your next party and serving something with avocados because the color is just so avocado. Don't you just love it?
If you want to make this set, see patterns ala carte.

Do you have a new baby in your life? Do you want your baby to go around with an avocado on his or her chest? Of course you do.  You absolutely have to have this onesie:
To order this darling avo baby onesie, go to peacegoodsshop.

This is all for today. Hope you enjoy the avocado goodies. Is there an avocado item you're looking for? Let me know and I'll try to find it for you.

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  1. OOO! I want those bracelets and bowls. LOVE the colors!