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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Etsy Thursday

It's Thursday, that means it's time for more avocado-themed items found scrolling through Etsy. When I say avocado-themed, the item can be just about anything - avocado colored, something in the shape of an avocado, or anything loosely related to avocados. So here goes:

How about some sushi earrings. See the avocado peaking out from the famous California rolls. Who wouldn't want to wear these? Would you wear them when you're going out to a sushi restaurant? or to a cocktail party where you're sure to get lots of attention?  Where would you wear them? If you want to try them out, see sushi earrings.

How about a felt avocado? Wouldn't these veggies be cute all piled up in a pretty bowl for a luncheon centerpiece? Or maybe as fun toys for kids to play grocery store? If you're interested in making this assortment of felt veggies, you can order the patterns by clicking felt veggies .

These are sooooo cute. Bobby pins topped with avocados. Absolutely love these. Like the sushi earrings, these would definitely elicit some comments - "Hey, you've got an avocado in your hair!!" These can be ordered by clicking avocado bobby pins.

Hey, I've got an idea. How about wearing this super gorgeous top with a pair of sushi earrings and some avocado bobby pins? Don't you just love the tucking on this top? Order by clicking tucked blouse.

My final pick for this post is by far the most unique avocado item I've found yet. See what you think. Here it is - ta dah:

Yes, it's an avocado guitar. And it really works. You can strum it while you're eating guacamole. You can order it by clicking on avocado guitar.

These are all the picks for today. Tune in tomorrow for some really tasty avocado recipes.

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  1. I'd wear the shirt and avocado bobby pins. SO CUTE!